Thursday, February 3, 2011

From the Word, Go

From the word, go (or from whatever word I happen to pen first), I am here . . . dedicated and excited to share. 

Of course, I am referring to my writing-- and all of the ever-sparking inspirations, constant struggles, periodic successes, and perpetual perseverance it takes for me to create a polished piece of writing.  I don’t find the process easy—not at all, which is (I know) the driving force behind my need to do it.  Writing, for me, is a challenge—a challenge I thrive on.  The written word is nothing less than beautiful in my eyes.  Striving toward the betterment of my craft, learning something new everyday to improve, keeps me writing.  I often wonder: Is it the creation itself, the finished piece of writing, or is it the creating, the penning process, I love the most?  Oh, let’s be honest, I have a deep love affair with both!  I hope through my journaling here, I will work through some of my writer’s bumps, giving me the opportunity to reflect on where I’ve been, where I am at, and where I hope to end up down the road.

Complexity rules my life, and I often travel down rocky roads, trying to balance my goals as an author with my role as mom to my three fabulous children.  My family is a part of who I am, both personally and as a writer; stories about them and the joy they bring me may find their way into my posts. J Also, I am an avid reader, so I look forward to sharing my impressions of stories, poems, essays, articles, and novels I’ll be reading.  I look forward to meeting other readers and writers on Blogger ~ J ~

Shout Out:  To Nick for talking me into starting a blog (Can you even believe I finally did it?!)  You were right, I am glad to be here ~ Love you, sis! <3    


  1. Awesome first post, Noelle! I've been checking here everyday, waiting for your first blog post to go up. How did I miss it until three days later??

    I love you, and I'm so glad to share the writing, and now blogging, journeys with you!

    Write on, sister!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! We love your sister very much, and look forward to getting to know you too! :)

  3. Hi Summer! Oh, I've heard so much about you! :) So nice to finally meet you. I look forward to checking out your blog~ thanks so much for the warm welcome!

    Nick! It's so awesome to be here & I am truly the luckiest girl alive to have you for a sister and a kindred spirit~ Thanks for helping me today, fixing my sidebar & gadgets & things. I have so much to learn! Love you!

  4. welcome to the blogging community! It's pretty awesome. I'm sure you'll have 100s of followers in no time!

  5. Any sister of Nicole is a sister of mine...wait...friend of mine....crap, you know what I mean! :) Come on in...the water is GREAT! CANNONBALL!!!! :)

  6. Welcome to the blogging world! Yay to Nick for talking you into it. You're going to meet lots of fabulous people. I already see some of my favs commented above.


  7. Great first post, Noelle! Welcome to the writing/blogging community. As the [extremely] awesome commenters above mentioned, you will *love* it here!

  8. Welcome! Any sister of Nicole''s is a friend of mine. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

  9. Welcome to the writerly blogosphere! Hope you'll feel welcome! If I'd have known ahead of time I'd be stopping in today, I'd have brought Twinkies with me :~)


  10. Hi Noelle,
    As one of Nicole's devout followers (and, I'd like to think, blog friends now), I am excited to join your world :-)

  11. Welcome Noelle to the world of words in the form of a blog.
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  12. You are all so awesome! Thanks so much for the warm welcome :) ... and your blogs are amazing!!!

    @DL - Hey, brother! hahaha You're right, the dive in was smooth and the water is wonderful! thanks~

    @Karen ~ Yay! :)

    @VR~ Thank you! I just hope I learn to spend FAR LESS time writing blog posts than that first, scary one took! lol

    @Hannah~ *big smile* I'm not surprised the blogging world knows how awesome of a person & a writer my siser, Nicole is! I'm happy to have your friendship & I'm looking forward to getting to know you, too ...

    Hey Bru~ Awww, bummer-- Twinkies rock! So glad you stopped by anyway! :)

    So sweet, Wendy ~ I'm thrilled to have you in my world, too!

    @Az ~ Thank you for the offer! I'll stop by your blog very soon ...

  13. Welcome to the blogging world! looking forward to reading.

  14. I love how you equate blogging to journaling. That's what it is, in essence. I needed that reminder. Too often I view it as marketing, as a necessary link to the publishing industry (as too many sites claim). At the end of the day, however, if we don't enjoy it, it's not worth it.

    Keep journaling, keep writing because you're passionate about words and you'll stick around a long time :D I look forward to reading along!