Saturday, March 5, 2011

Out of the Shadows

From out of the deep shadows of the blogosphere, I have returned.  J  I never intended for such a long stay away; it was all my computer’s fault!  I had trouble publishing my last post, and then my computer began to spit and sputter until it stuck and refused to move.  I took a week hiatus and got some housework done (wow lol).  Then, Davy spent a good part of his day cleaning up my system, ridding it of 129 infections (!!!) and now it runs!  (Thanks honey).  After I got my computer back, I spent the rest of my free time in February writing a new short story titled The Braided.  That one is now shelved, and I will be look at it again with fresh eyes in a few weeks.

One cool thing happened during my time away I can share.  A short story I wrote back in December, The Christmas Fortune, won a special award in The Classic Story Contest on Writing.Com.  Although it didn't win one of the top 3 places, it was so very nice to be mentioned and to have received a "Writing" merit badge for my work. :D  (If interested in joining Writing.Com, Click Here).

Also, I am excited today because, after much arranging of transportation and re-arranging of schedules, I was finally able to confirm my trip for next weekend--I'll be travelling with my parents and my three children down to Long Island for my baby nephew Derek’s first birthday celebration!!  I am giving up a quiet weekend of writing, because Dave has to work and the kids were supposed to go to their dad’s, but a chance to be with my sisters and my nephews who I rarely get to see is WELL worth it!

It feels great to be back into the light . . .